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Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Industrial Switchboard

In industrial settings, switchboards are employed to transmit power for realising a range of operations including running heavy machinery, appliances such as air-conditioners and heating/cooling systems, telecommunication systems and lighting fixtures.

Most industrial systems remain active almost throughout the day for most days to ensure uninterrupted productivity. Switchboards play a crucial role in ensuring such heavy industrial demands are met efficiently.

Egan Electrical can help you in maintaining your switchboards in excellent condition and upgrade them, if necessary, with switchboard repairs and replacements.

We have a 24/7 emergency electrician service to cater to upgrades demanding immediate switchboard repairs and replacements. We have provided upgrades including complex switchboard repairs and replacements for several industrial sectors including food & beverage, manufacturing, environmental and steel.

By being aware of obvious and subtle switchboard upgrade signs, facility managers can take timely action and order an immediate switchboard upgrade.

Outdated Switchboards

If the facility is several decades old, it is most likely using an old switchboard. Older switchboard models were built to cater to a period where appliances, machinery and other systems were lesser, and hence power consumption demands were lower.

Continuing with these switchboards is dangerous as they pose risks of overload, shock hazards, and sparks, and fire and explosion, at worst. Our technicians can provide a suitable upgrade based on your requirements.

Worn-Out or Absent Components

Worn out components include switchboard cables that are torn or otherwise damaged. Such cables pose the dangerous risk of electrocution and fire.

In some switchboard models, especially older versions, components such as safety switches and circuit breakers are usually absent. These components are present for a reason – they cut off power supply in case of a short circuit, overload or power leaks thereby preventing injuries to personnel and damage to property.

Our technicians would carry out a thorough inspection to identify if there are components that need replacement.

Increase in Power Consumption Demands

If your business has scaled up, you are faced with the need to meet the demand with new additions such as new employee spaces and equipment and telecommunication systems. This development increases power consumption needs.

You may also have to comply with updated building codes and governmental regulations. If this includes, for example, installing compulsory emergency lights and using switchboards with safety features, then you need to comply.

Strange Switchboard Behaviour and Unusual Electrical Experiences
  • – Flickering lights
  • – Frequent power outages
  • – Repeated tripping of circuit breakers
  • – Unusual noises such as humming, from the switchboard
  • – Feeling of heat in switchboard vicinity
  • – Frequent fuse blowing
  • – Overheating cables
  • – Experiencing shock while switching on lights
  • – Regular short-circuiting of appliances

Timely switchboard upgrade saves substantial costs in the future and prevents damages such as property loss, or at worse, loss of lives. The cost incurred on an upgrade would be far lesser than that you may have to spend in case of dangerous switchboard failures.

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