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Should You Replace or Repair Your Industrial Electrical Control Cabinet?

An industrial electrical control cabinet helps control a range of electrical applications from simple to complex, in and around the facility. Some panels are used to control major equipment such as refrigeration units, cranes and conveyors. Separate panels may be used for controlling lighting fixtures, and heating and cooling systems.

Any problem in panel components such as controllers, cables and switches can necessitate a simple repair or entire panel replacement depending on the severity of the problem.

Immediate attention is important to prevent business downtime, productivity issues and even emergency situations of complete equipment or facility breakdown, or accidents.

With Egan Electrical, you get reliable electrical control cabinets repairs services, which prevent costly repairs in future. In case of an emergency breakdown, we provide a 24/7 electrician service.

We are experienced in electrical control cabinets repairs services for a range of industrial settings, including FMCG facilities, plant sites, and manufacturing sectors.

Replace Worn-Out Components

It is important to examine control panels if you notice wear and tear signs such as torn or otherwise damaged service cables, reduced electrical performance, and component corrosion.

Sometimes, control panels reveal the need for immediate attention through subtle signs such as odd smells, abnormal sounds, and unusual warmth in the vicinity of the panel.

As a preventive measure, facilities should not ignore or postpone immediate examination of control panels after events such as power surges.

Replace Panels Damaged by Water

Panel replacement is a given in case of events such as floods.

In some cases, excess moisture due to, say, heavy roofing leaks can bring your panel components in contact with water, which can be dangerous. Sometimes, the problem may be revealed in the form of a corroded panel component, which is hard to notice. Regular panel maintenance is essential to bring such issues to notice.

If you see an excessive leak on the roof, or on a wall in the proximity of a panel, or an external corrosion in the panel, get your unit examined immediately.

Replace panel components damaged by water. Replace the entire panel in case of a severe damage.

Fix Problematic Wiring

Problems in panel wiring arise mostly out of negligence during installation. Some examples include using oversized circuit breakers and installing wires in such a way that they crisscross at the centre of the panel.

Such errors are dangerous – for example, oversized breakers can wear down panel wiring and cause sparks and fire. With timely identification, such issues can be fixed.

Repair Panels Installed at Wrong Locations

When installed in moisture-prone areas or locations nearby vibrating equipment, panels are more likely to get damaged. Panels in locations that are difficult to access can attract significant labour costs during panel testing. Resolve the issue by shifting panel to a better location.

Regular maintenance, attention to details, and timely remedial action can prevent emergency situations and save expensive electric panel repairs and replacements for industries.

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Egan Electrical Contractors offer Electrical Control Cabinets Repairs Egan Electrical Contractors offer Electrical Control Cabinets Repairs

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